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Supply Chain Management Performance Data 2022
21 Jun 2023

Supply Chain Management Performance Data

GRI Standards Required DataUnit​Data Collection Period

GRI: 308 and 414

Supplier  Screening​
​308 -2 and 414-2Total tier 1 suppliersAbsolute number of suppliers 2,485 2,5261,9651,922
​Tier 1 supplier by category               
Drilling servicesAbsolute number of suppliers65625380
Well servicesAbsolute number of suppliers28292933
Exploration and productionAbsolute number of suppliers60767356
Construction and engineeringAbsolute number of suppliers731087981
MaintenanceAbsolute number of suppliers243211163174
LogisticsAbsolute number of suppliers11423510195
ICT services and supplyAbsolute number of suppliers149145168190
Office facility / indirect servicesAbsolute number of suppliers644610470593
MaterialsAbsolute number of suppliers1,1101,049830620
308 -2 and 414-2Total significant suppliersAbsolute number of suppliers8310313988
Critical tier 1 suppliersAbsolute number of suppliers27293524
Critical non-tier 1 suppliersAbsolute number of suppliers567410464
Share of total procurement spent on critical tier 1 suppliers% of total procurement spent35413537

GRI: 308, and 414

Supplier ESG Assessment and Development          
308-1, 414-1New suppliers screening using ESG criteria%100100100100
 ESG weight  for supplier selection assessment%ND676767
308-2, 414-2Total suppliers assessed via desk assessments/on-site assessmentsAbsolute number of suppliers8310313988
Total suppliers assessed with substantial actual/potential negative impactsAbsolute number of suppliers27293524
Total suppliers supported in corrective action plan implementationAbsolute number of suppliers27293524
Total suppliers in capacity building programsAbsolute number of suppliers8310313988
Total tier 1 suppliers assessed in the last 3 yearsAbsolute number of suppliers2,4852,5261,9651,922
Percentage of tier 1 suppliers assessed in the last 3 years assessed in the last 3 years%100100100100

Supply chain KPI1: An average percentage of suppliers' KPIs which achieved targets measuring the efficiency and effectiveness of the contractor screening and selection (pre-award) as well as the contract management (post-award). The measurement can be done through the selected contractor's KPIs e.g. timely commencement/ completion of services, SSHE performance, downtime, Service Level Agreement (SLA), ESG requirements etc.

2022 Target: 75% of total contractors


Supply chain KPI2: # of significant suppliers in capacity building programs and were assessed via desk /on-site assessments

2022 Target: 100% of significant suppliers


Supply chain KPI3: % of tier 1 suppliers are assessed on ESG related risk for the last 3 years

2022 Target: 100% of suppliers assessed against total tier 1 suppliers

Supply Chain Spend Analysis              ​ ​ ​ ​
Total procurement valueMillion USD8599521,1201,719
Procurement Value by Category        ​ ​ ​ ​
 Drilling servicesMillion USD136129173345
Well servicesMillion USD38496776
Exploration and productionMillion USD27303048
Construction and engineeringMillion USD101220276304
MaintenanceMillion USD56485679
LogisticsMillion USD929194150
ICT services and supplyMillion USD597388109
Office facility / indirect servicesMillion USD99786892
MaterialsMillion USD251234269516
           Green Procurement       ​ ​ ​ ​
 The value of green procurement: Thailand(1)Million USD190 312342568
Percentage of the value of green procurement: ThailandCompared to the total procurement value0.220.330.310.33
GRI: 204Local Procurement                     
204-1 (11-14)Thailand contractor/supplier%72.367.167.473.5



(1) The value of procurement that complied with Green Procurement Criteria covered by 27 work categories.

ND: No Data

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